Services, rates and methods of payment

I am based in London, UK

§ Interpreting Rates: Rates vary depending on the nature of the assignment, the technicality of the subject and travelling distance, 

   ranging between £30-£50/hour (min rates and cancellation fees apply).  Daily rates are negotiable. 

§ Translation Rates:This is calculated according to the number of words, technicality and format of the source text, usually £0.07-£0.12/source word. 

   My minimum charge is £35.00 for a one-page document. 

   If you need translation of a larger document we can discuss your requirements, deadline and format and agree on an acceptable price.4

§ Certified Translations* 

   As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) I can also provide certified translation of documents for official use (from £50), 

   as well as notarised (also known as sworn) translations. 

§ Proofreading: from £35/hour. 

§ Terms of Business: As a professional linguist I abide by the Chartered Institute of Linguists' Code of Professional Conduct 

                                  and fully endorse the National Register of Public Service's Code of Professional Conduct.

§ Payments for my language services can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

Rates are negotiable. Please contact me for a full quote. 

*What is a certified translation?  

Unlike many other European countries, the UK does not have a system of ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translators accredited by a particular body. 

Translations required for official purposes – such as birth, death and marriage certificates, legal documents, academic transcripts, etc. can, however, be ‘self-certified’ by a practising translator, 

including members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. 

You should check with the organisation requesting a certified translation exactly what its requirements are and explain these clearly to the translator when commissioning work from them. 

It is important to allow enough time for the translation to be completed, certified and sent back to you. Bear in mind that a small additional fee, on top of the price of the translation, for certification.